Phoenix Theatre Was Conceived 17 years ago with a view of giving opportunities within the media of theatre who wouldn’t normally be given that chance. Whilst striving to achieve the highest standard available, the group was designed to explore theatre. The spine of the group is about having fun, learning and creating new friends, being able to achieve what you didn’t think was possible.

Within the last six months the group has added an additional media string to its bow, this is the media of Film.

To Be a Member: *must be over the age of 18*

Step 1 – Contact Us= click this link ‘Contact Us/Book Here’ and drop us a message

Step 2- Why don’t you audition us?= your first week is free

Step 3- Become a Member!= Paying your Membership of £60 (starting in Feb 2019)

Step 4- Make it Offical= Pay your Weekly Subscription of £5 (per session)


We have a professional Photographer: Flash Starr Photography who works with us and who is also a member of our group, her name is Sophie Burgess and when you join you get a professional Head Shot done to put you in the members book.